Wedding Magic

Popular throughout Europe, magic has become one of the most fashionable and creative ways to bring live entertainment to your wedding…

With three decades of experience through 50+ countries, Jacques integrates into the fabric of your wedding day and shares wonder and astonishment with guests of all ages.

A perfect icebreaker, magic is ideal at events where guests haven’t seen each other for a while. It will add a touch of sophistication and fun like nothing else can.

Drinks Reception

A popular choice and the perfect spot to have astonishing live entertainment at your wedding.

Following your ceremony your magician will kickstart the drinks reception by strolling between groups of guests and presenting close-up wonders right under their noses. A perfect icebreaker, guests will be thanking you for an amazing wedding experience.

The "Turnover"

After an amazing meal and speeches guests get to share in a 35 minute stand-up style show.

Worldclass sleight-of-hand, mentalism and fun come together to create a memory which will last a lifetime. This option is popular when combined with the Drinks Reception package.

The Full Shebang

Our most popular package, Jacques wows guests both during your drinks reception as well as after the dinner and speeches.

It's a day of interactive entertainment which adds some real magic to your very special day. Perfect for all ages and cultures, you can relax, confident in the fact that everyone is being treated with respect while having an absolutely superb time.