The Scale Of Things & Our Place In The Universe

Exploring the wonderous interwebs, had a “wow” moment…

Humans may be 1.8 million years old… we know half a million years ago we were cooking meat with fire. How much more of that do we know about?

…the oldest ruins, Gobleki Tepe in modern Turkey, date to around 10,000 BC. And there are small carved dolls and cave paintings even older.

Stick with me here.

Historians used to think 3,000 BC really marked the start of Human civilisation (Indus Valley, Sumerians, Egyptians). This makes Gobleki Tepe more than three times older than the oldest complex civilisation.

It was as old to the Sumerians and first Egyptians as they are to us today. Think about that.

Here’s the kicker for me: what happened from 10,000 BC to 3,000 BC?

We literally have NO clue.

And what happened between 500,000 BC when that meat was cooked and 10,000 BC?

No… flippin’… idea.

What civilisations, epic wars, amazing stories? We know 1% of all human history.

There was literally enough time for humanity to reach our current level and then collapse to primitive living again.


But beyond cool.

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