Jacques le Sueur

Pen & Ink Artist

Jacques le Sueur :: Pen & Ink Artist

I’ve spent the bulk of my life travelling the world as a magician, entertaining at events everywhere from Presidential banquets to shows for child soldiers in the jungles of Central Africa. It’s been an adventure, taking me through well over 50 countries…

My grandfather was one of the official artists for the South African Air Force and I spent my early childhood sitting at his table watching him paint and draw. It’s always been a part of my life, a language with which to express myself, a meditation while I was on the road. As the world has changed, so has my focus and now my artwork has become my main source of income and inspiration.

Overall, I’m self-taught, with a strong influence from the Old Masters of the Renaissance as well as a good dose of the Russian Academy of Art. I’m fascinated by light, shadow and form, how the world is pieced together and interpreted by the eye.

I tend to draw mostly portraits and wildlife – the magic for me is trying to capture the souls, life in their eyes, in my ink.

On that note: although I’m continuously exploring techniques in graphite, charcoal, silverpoint and the like, the bulk of my work is in pen and ink. It’s an unforgiving medium which allows me much detail which I enjoy thoroughly. I do sell original pieces but the large part of my art business is selling limited-edition fine art prints of my work. I’m proud of the work I do and to have my artwork in collections of people who inspire me.

I believe beauty, magic and wondrous things surround us, if we only choose to look. And I hope to capture some of that in my artwork.

Thanks for exploring my work and get in touch if you want to bounce ideas around with me.

Excellent quality!

Jacques is a very talented sketch artist. His portraits are of an exceptional, professional quality, and he manages to capture the character and life story in the lines of each subject’s face. Jacques’ portraits will create a unique talking point for your home, office, or studio.
Hermann Swart