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A day of magic.
Everything you need to host it as a fundraiser.

A day of magic.Everything you need to host it as a fundraiser.

You get two shows in your community, all the tools you need to sell tickets, as well as training on how to host the event and promote it over six weeks. Click below and I'll email you full details.

Hello, it's Jacques, creator of Fundraising Magic...
I've spent the last 30 years traveling as an entertainer: 50+ countries, everywhere from palaces in Dubai to jungles in Congo. My passion, my mission, is doing fundraising magic shows for schools and community groups. It won't raise you millions but will put a decent chunk in your account. And we'll have fun doing it. I'm working with some really cool people, would love to have you on board!

Jacques le Sueur

In a nutshell.

The Shows

Secret #1

You get two shows: a matinee performance for families in the afternoon as well as an evening show for adults.

The Promo Tools

Secret #2

I will give you all the posters, webpages, emails and other tools you'll need to get the word out and sell tickets.

The Training

Secret #3

You'll also get complete training on how to use everything, host the event, and promote the show in your community.

Drilling down.


The family matinee show

We kick off show day with an afternoon show for families, And I'll show you how to partner with a local school to fill the venue. We'll be selling items including popcorn, candyfloss and balloon animals during interval to bump up our profit. One lucky kid will also win membership in my online Beginners Magic Course. You'll make enough from this show alone to make the entire project worthwhile.

Making money & creating goodwill in your community.


The evening performance

This is the crux of the whole project. We'll be hosting a pop-up theatre show for people in your community who have an interest in your cause and the means to donate properly. I'll lead you through how to set up the venue and get everything sponsored so you can make as much money as possible from the event.

Building a group who will support you for years to come.


Customised promotional tools

Once we've settled on a date and venue for the show you'll send me the details and within a day or two I'll send you a .zip folder with all the tools you need to promote the event. Posters, flyers, emails, correspondence to send when securing your venue. Everything. Each item will have your details inserted so all you need to do is print and promote.

99% of the work done for you.


The event webpage

Along with the promotional tools you'll get a dedicated webpage for your event. Ticket sales will be handled professionally through Computicket. It's a great way to frame your show in the community and to help convince sponsors to come on board. Again, everything done for you to make your journey as hassle-free as possible.

A professional online toolkit to promote & sell tickets.


Piggyback fundraisers

Ticket sales are great, but we want to pull in as much cash as possible for you, right? A piggyback fundraiser runs alongside your main event, as a satellite project. Auctions, selling advertising in a show programme, getting sponsors on board to donate time, prizes and cash. I'll run you through several which plug in smoothly to your event.

Income streams which run parallel to your show.


Souvenir show programmes

Each guest will receive a printed souvenir programme of the show, and this is prime space to sell advertising to sponsors. You'll receive a complete system to land these sponsors and get them on board. Emails, webpages selling the idea, everything mapped out for you so you can just run with it immediately.

A memorable keepsake of the evening.


The silent auction

A silent auction is different from a regular auction in that bids are written on a page next to the item and the highest bidder at the end of the evening wins the prize. We're going to set up a magic-themed auction for your evening event and I'll run you through how to get prizes sponsored and set everything up smoothly. We'll also map out how to create buzz on social media before the event, using these prizes as a drawcard.

A streamlined way to get prizes and raise money.


Training on how to use it all

Having tools is one thing. Knowing how to use them is another. You will receive a printed workbook leading you step-by-step through the project, from the first meeting announcing it to your team right through to the final thank you email sent out to everyone. There is also an online members area which supplements this book with details on each element.

Everything mapped out to make things as easy as possible for you.

Awesome. So what will it cost?

Nothing. We split the evening show ticket sales down the middle, 50/50.
Everything else (matinee show ticket sales ... sponsorships ... selling advertising in the souvenir programme ... income from the silent auction ... cash from every other piggyback fundraiser) is yours to keep.

Intrigued? Get more information.

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We need to raise funds for our sports group. What can you offer us?

The fundraising package I offer is a day of shows as well as all the training and tools you’ll need to host and promote the show. And most importantly sell out tickets. We also offer several additional fundraising ideas which run parallel to the show and earn you lumps more than just tickets sales. It’s a unique system which we’re very proud of. Click here and I'll email you full details.

Personally, I've never heard of you. What are your credentials?

I’ve entertained around the world for over three decades, performed in nearly every country you can imagine. I still do a fair amount of work for corporate events and celebrity parties, but my heart is in the fundraising shows I do for schools and community groups around Africa. I’ve also had the good fortune to entertain people from all walks of life, everyone from Nelson Mandela and Beyonce, to child soldiers in the Congo. Magic truly is my life and my passion, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with your group soon.

It sounds like a lot of work to promote the show. Will I need to devote a lot of time to this?

Like anything worthwhile, there is some work to be done. I’ve done as much of the graft and grind as I can for you, the rest has been kept as simple as possible. You walk the promotion steps I give you and the rest falls into place. Abracadabra. 😉

We have a minimal budget and are here to raise funds for our group. How do you get paid?

I'm putting my money where my mouth is: we will split the ticket sales for the evening show down the middle 50/50. And only due on show day. So everything else you earn from each of the piggyback fundraisers and the second matinee show is yours to keep. That's honestly as risk-free for you as I could make it.

Why a magic show? Why this fundraiser as opposed to every other option out there?

Magic is good clean fun, perfect for audiences of all ages. It has a built in wow factor which has made it a favourite on television for decades. Just look at how much magic is presented on shows like America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, and the Carbonaro Effect. I offer a solid fundraiser which will bring in decent money while building good name for your group in the community. Win win.

Do you only work in Cape Town or do you perform elsewhere too?

I perform worldwide, and besides Cape Town, Durban and Joburg a lot of my shows are up through Africa in places like Gabon, Nigeria and Tanzania. Travel costs are additional to the show fee, but I'll teach you how to get this sponsored by a local company.

What happens if we book a show date but find we can't get it off the ground?

You have a couple days leeway to see if it’s viable for your group. I’ll coach you as to the best ways to get things pulled in line if you just can’t create buzz about the show. And if things fall through completely we’ll part with a handshake and a hug. I'm committed to making this awesome for you.

What do you need from our side to get things started? How does everything unfold?

Fill in the online form here. I’ll reply with full details about how it all plugs together. We work from there. Let’s make some magic! 😉

Sounds great. What's the next step?

Take a second and enter your details below. I'll shoot through an email with more details about how everything works. Show dates are limited each month, so I'll update you when slots in the calendar open up. You can decide if you want on board and we can work from there.

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