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"Africa's Master Magician"

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Private Engagements

Award-winning sleight-of-hand and mentalism for dinner parties and in-home celebrations

Corporate Events

Jacques flies the continent performing at high-end corporate events around Africa

The Tour

A full evening of entertainment which is raising deserving groups solid cash as a fundraiser

Close-up Magic Specially Engineered To Amaze Your Guests & VIPs

Jacques le Sueur is an internationally acclaimed magician who has performed for royalty and A-list celebrities, everywhere from London to Las Vegas, Hong Kong to the jungles of the Congo. Back in Cape Town after a hiatus he’s presenting his unique blend of magic at events for select groups around Southern Africa. His trademark is a mindboggling blend of close-up magic and mentalism which has taken him through 50+ countries. Click the button below and we’ll shoot through full details about the show and how you can bring it to your next celebration.

Everyone Will Be Thanking You For A Fantastic Event

Walkaround Magic

Think of Jacques as a ‘professional guest’, one who just happens to be able to do magical things. He wanders from one small group to the next doing short snippets of magic, creating buzz and excitement in pockets around the room. A great icebreaker, ideal for cocktail receptions.

The Signature Show

A 35-minute cabaret-style performance, perfect as after-dinner entertainment. For bigger corporate groups, video projection of the show is often provided on large stage screens. Sleight-of-hand and pickpocketing, rounded off by truly baffling mentalism: a great way to wow audiences of all ages.

An Evening of Magic

Here, the show is broken down into two segments. Jacques welcomes guests with magic during the cocktail hour: strolling from group to group, breaking the ice. The evening proceeds and he presents the signature show after dinner.

An Intrinsic Wow Factor

Magic, is by it’s very nature, amazing. You’ve watched Dynamo and David Blaine on television. Even Shin Lim who won America’s Got Talent. You know the pure astonishment it can conjure up in an audience.

Magic is the only artform which is truly interactive. The magic happens up close, you’re directly involved. A powerful experience that will stick with you for a lifetime, if done right.

It Happens In Your Hands

Any Audience. Anywhere

He’s been at this a long time. There are very few, if any, audiences Jacques can’t connect with. And the show is practically bulletproof: you drop him in any venue and he’ll perform. Peace of mind for you on the day.

Jacques believes deeply in treating everyone involved with dignity and respect, making all watching feel special and part of the fun. Young or old, your guests are the true stars of my show.

Family Friendly, Clean Show

Jacques le Sueur, acknowledged as Africa’s leading master magician, flies the world entertaining at society parties and high-end corporate events … he’s has performed live for well over two and a half million people … his magic has mesmerised stars like Beyonce, Sting and several Royal Families…

Refilwe Moiloa, SABC News International

Frequently Asked Questions

Jacques specialises in what’s known as close-up magic. Great for audiences of 50 to 100 people, the magic happens right in front of the audience, often in their hands. A mix of sleight-of-hand and mentalism, Jacques’ travelled all over the planet collecting moments of amazing to share with your guests. The focus in on wonder, astonishment and fun.

The bulk of his shows are at corporate dinners and private parties. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, awards dinners, that sort of thing. He also does a handful of shows on cruise ships and at festivals, hotels, casinos during the year. He does either a set performance with audience seated in a semi-circle watching the show, or what’s known as walkaround magic where he wanders in amongst guests doing five minutes of magic at a time, for smaller groups. Relaxed and interactive, it’s a great icebreaker for any event.

Jacques’ spent two decades traveling the world as a magician. He’s performed for several Presidents and Royal Families, including the legendary Nelson Mandela on two occasions when he was Head of State. A born adventurer, Jacques’ seen nearly every corner of the world and performed in every venue imaginable, from inside prisons and military bases to shows for child soldiers in the Congo. He’s mentored nearly every leading magician on the African Continent and has students everywhere from Paris to Hong Kong.

Jacques does a family-friendly show, good for all ages. Anyone from 5 to 85, they’ll enjoy the magic. Intelligent entertainment, it’s a good mix of visual, interactive sleight-of-hand spiced with some truly mindboggling mentalism. Audiences will be scratching their heads in wonder for a long time after the show.

Jacques’ signature performance is 35 minutes long. If he does walkaround magic from one small group to the next, he works on an average of an hour per hundred people in the audience. When you contact us with details about the event you’re planning we’ll discuss exactly what will be the best fit for your group.

Jacques’ show packs small and plays big. All he needs is a ten feet square area to perform in, and a chair to put his bag on and you’re good to go. For audiences larger than 50 people you’ll need to provide a quality sound system with either a headset or lapel microphone.

Of course! Jacques is based in Cape Town but performs regularly all over Africa. Travel costs are additional to his fee. The nice thing about magic is it’s visual and interactive, so he gets a lot of bookings for foreign audiences who can’t speak English, especially VIPs and dignitaries at A-list functions.

Pricing depends on the size of the group and the needs of the client. Fees range between R5000 and R12000, depending on the event. Shows outside South Africa are priced in US dollars and travel and visa costs are tagged-on over and above the standard fee.

Give Jacques a call at 072 479 9682 with details of what you’re planning, or fill in our online show enquiry form. We’ll send through complete options tailored to your event. Quick and easy.

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